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Would I Lie To You

Would I Lie to You - S01 - E01

Would I Lie to You - S01 - E01

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  • Duncan Bannatyne
  • Frankie Boyle
  • Natalie Cassidy
  • Dom Joly

Home truths

DomI was at school with Osama Bin Laden
DuncanWhen I ran a large public company, I banned all my staff from buying paper clips
Natalie - I have passed toilet roll under the cubicle wall to Madonna

Celebrity facts

Lee's team Jeffrey Archer writes all of his stories with a felt-tip pen
David's team - Jodie Marsh said “Everyone thinks I’m thick, but what they don’t know is that I won nearly £6 on a ‘Weakest Link’ quiz machine"

This is my

Name: Ina

Lee - She sold me a scratch card which I won £2,000 pounds on
Natalie - Ina has worked for 21 years on EastEnders as an extra and she used to run the lampshade store
Dom - Ina is my aunt who is Greek, and has been the voice of Helen Mirren for the last of her four movies that have been translated into Greek

Telly Tales

Frankie - To avoid confusion on the set of Doctor Who, the medical doctor on set is called the magician


Lee - I have been on a camping holiday with Darren Brown
David - Age 5, I wrote to to Play School to suggest how the BBC should resolve their union conflict
Dom - For 6 months I worked as Trevor McDonald’s driver
Frankie - I am allergic to coins
David - I fainted in the cinema during Kill Bill

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