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Would I Lie To You

Would I Lie to You - S01 - E03

Would I Lie to You - S01 - E03

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  • Eamonn Holmes
  • Dara Ó Briain
  • Jimmy Carr
  • Ulrika Jonsson

Home Truths:

  • Ulrika: I hosted the British sausage awards
  • David: When I was 23 I had to talk my way out of a fight with a paperboy
  • Jimmy: I starred in a Japanese comercial for snuff

Ring of Truth

  • To coincide with the US version of The Weakest Link, Ben and Jerry released a limited edition Anne Robinson flavoured ice cream


  • Subject: Blue Peter
  • Petra, the first Blue Peter dog, died the day after her first show, so producers secretly replaced her with a lookalike
  • Simon Groom and Peter Duncan once had a fight in the Blue Peter garden after a row over a BBC parking space

This is my

  • Special guest: Alan
  • Dara: Alan is a mate of mine. I was best man at Alan's wedding, which was a number of years ago and at his wedding, Alan, although you'd be hard pressed to believe it now, weighs 27 stone
  • David: This is my driving instructor, Alan. I've had over 70 driving lessons and I still haven't passed
  • Eamonn: This is my friend, Alan, and he is the Manchester United stadium announcer


  • Eamonn: I once saw Carol Vorderman broken down at the side of the road but I didn't stop to help her as I was running a bit late
  • Jimmy: I lost my virginity at 26
  • Dara: I have received a text message from Bono
  • Eamonn: I have 7 cats and they're called Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Pickle
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