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Would I Lie To You

Would I Lie to You - S01 - E05

Would I Lie to You - S01 - E05

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  • Russell Howard
  • Wendy Richard
  • Len Goodman
  • Vic Reeves

Home Truths

  • Len: I Immac my armpits
  • David: I used to proofread dictionaries for a living
  • Russel: I was a contestant on Junior Masterchef
  • Vic: I once fixed Dame Judi Dench's pushbike

This is my

  • Name: Morris
  • Russel: This is my landlord, Morris. He's the 16th  Earl of Westmorland
  • David: He's my teacher, and he's training me in the art of ventriloquism for my next acting role
  • Wendy: This is Morris. He's my hairdresser and he also cuts the hair of Tony Blair


  • Subject: Eurovision 1980
  • Lee: The Swedish entry that year also had a real live orangutan as their dancer
  • Len: On the 27th of July in Finland, they celebrate Sleepyhead Day when the last member of the family there awakes, is taken down to the sea and thrown in


  • Wendy: I have no idea how to use a laundrette washing machine
  • Lee: My parents told me my dog was dead, when in actual fact he was in Scunthorpe 
  • David: As a teenager I had a poster of Margaret Thatcher on my bedroom wall
  • Len: I killed a falcon while playing golf
  • Vic: I once helped TV's Raj Persaud fix his computer, it just needed a reboot
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