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Would I Lie To You

Would I Lie to You - S04 - E06

Would I Lie to You - S04 - E06

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  • Rhod Gilbert
  • Miranda Hart
  • Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
  • Rufus Hound

Home Truths

  • Hugh: Occasionally, as a treat, I put Marmite on my face and let my dog lick it off
  • Miranda: I always test the temperature of my bath with my ear
  • Rhod: I once had a job where I had to answer the phone and say, "Hello, Beef".

This is my

  • Guest: Steve
  • Hugh: This is my friend Steve, who rescued me when I got stuck in a cave looking for bats
  • Rufus: This is my friend Steve, and together we have visited every pub inside the M25 called the Red Lion,¬†apart from four of them
  • Lee: This is Steve and we once went camping together when we were in the Scouts and we woke up to find that someone had stolen our tent

Quick Fire Lies

  • David (possession): This is the cricket ball with which I bowled out Jeremy Clarkson at a charity cricket match
  • Lee: I trained for last year's Paris marathon but pulled out when a doctor advised me that one of my legs is shorter than the other
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